Because the culture is changing, it is important to capture traditional elements on film and in photos before more elders die. I have permission from the elders of the Sawiyano to film their lives. And the Sawiyano documented their own lives with cameras I brought in and also sent in later.

Please visit the YouTube channelĀ for video documentation.

This digital humanities project is not only the documentation for the future generations of Sawiyano, but I hope this will others to gain an appreciation for the Sawiyano culture and to develop an interest in other indigenous cultures. Because traditional ways disappear as natural resources are depleted, I also hope the documentary will show the importance of leaving most areas of the rainforest intact.

The video documentation will show many aspects of the arts and crafts of the tribe. In village life – men, women and even children have different roles and each activity supports another. For example, men make their own items such as woven bracelets, their own instruments, and their own bows and arrows. In addition to the actual making of objects, most of the time the Sawiyano also documented where in the rainforest the supplies are gathered.

Below are lists of a few of the activities that have been documented so far: