Update From Betni: After having a baby last year, I’m back on track and have now reviewed and categorized EVERY second of every clip that I didn’t film myself – over 1,500 clips!  When my videos are combined with those filmed by Sawiyano, there are 2,496 videos – some are 5 seconds, some up to 20 minutes. Some of the processes of crafts and food preparation have been posted on our YouTube channel:

Namo / Singsing / Dance

Initial filming was in summer 2012 during a 46 day stay in Sawiyano territory and was funded by a successful Kickstarter. In summer of 2016, thanks to a CURAS Summer Faculty Research Fellowships from Creighton University, more cameras and equipment were brought to the Sawiyano. Footage of the previous edits were shown for the Sawiyano to approve and narration was also obtained along with more footage. In case any of the Sawiyano made it to the coast or could send with someone else to the coast, we left self-addressed and stamped envelopes for additional footage to be sent to us in the States and we received more footage in mid 2017.

Filming is by Betni Kalk, Richard Kalk and many Sawiyano. There have been 7 cameras with the Sawiyano that rotated around to many enthusiastic members of the tribe. I requested that one of the cameras be exclusively for women and children to film with – and while it didn’t happen consistently, thankfully a couple women and young adults were willing to do some filming.

James and Waifo looking at their footage